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CelloMind - Intonation and Technique (Digital Edition)
CelloMind - Intonation and Technique (Digital Edition)
CelloMind - Intonation and Technique (Digital Edition)

CelloMind - Intonation and Technique (Digital Edition)

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CelloMind is a two-part pedagogical method book that focuses on intonation and left-hand cello technique. The coauthors of the book are Hans Jørgen Jensen, Professor of cello at the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University and Minna Rose Chung, Associate Professor of Cello at the Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba. Part I: Intonation. The mystery of intonation is revealed by defining and explaining the scientific principles that govern it. To know and understand how to combine the three primary intonation systems has never before been expounded in a methodology publication--and for good reason. Playing with exquisite intonation has mostly been reserved for those who possess a strong intuitive sense; however, CelloMind breaks down this taboo using a systematic approach with a highly attuned manner. The three systems of intonation that string players most commonly use today--equal temperament, just intonation, and Pythagorean tuning--are each explored and explained in great detail. All chapters in the book include many practical samples and listening exercises that bridge the gap between the theory and its application. The chapters on intonation conclude with practical examples from the following repertoire: "Intonation Performance Practice in the Bach Solo Cello Suites" and "Intonation Performance Practice with Piano." Part II: Left-Hand Technique. The left-hand technique chapters in this section complement the study of intonation by providing a solid foundation of skills for essential cello playing. The topics and exercises have been selected to cover a wide range of technical skills that include playing with a light left-hand touch, speed, coordination, balanced vibrato, agility, finger independence, and efficient shifting. Original exercises developed for students over many years have also been incorporated into these chapters, as well as studies from Julius Klengel, Bernhard Cossmann, Louis R. Feuillard, Jean-Louis Duport, Yakov Rosenthal, and Fritz Albert Christian Rudinger.

Source: Publisher
Page count: 271
Published: November 3, 2017
Format: Electronic
Publisher: Ovation Press, Ltd.
Language: English
Author: Hans Jørgen Jensen, Minna Rose Chung
ISBN-10 : 0692890297
ISBN-13 : 978-0692890295

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